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If the noise level in a room increases by 3 decibels, e.g. from 80 to 83, it may be difficult to hear the difference as most people would consider both sound levels to be high. But physically, it is a strain on our ears: the strain to the eardrum is doubled when the sound level increases by 3 decibels.
This means that even if you cannot immediately hear such a small reduction in the sound / noise level as 3 decibels, it has a big impact on your well-being after a long working day, especially if your work environment is an open plan office or an institution. Therefore, it is very important to take sound conditions into consideration when furnishing offices and institutions.

"WALL" and RMIG Richfon can improve sound absorption and reduce noise levels, thereby contributing to a better and safer work environment.

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The sound absorption data you see in the right side of this page is measured in accordance with ISO 354 by Grontmij | Carl Bro Acoustica.

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