Sound absorption notice boards

Utilising "WALL" and RMIG Richfon from RMIG is a quick and easy method to minimise the noise, creating calmness in the workplace.

Sound absorbing notice boards from RMIG

Improved acoustics with "WALL" and RMIG Richfon

It can be difficult to be heard in large open areas such as open plan offices. The noise created from conversations, telephones and radios can be a stress factor for many people – and could be an obstacle to employees’ well being and performance. It need not be. 

Sound absorbing "WALL" and RMIG Richfon notice boards are often appropriate in offices and class rooms, but also in common areas such as assembly halls and sports centres where the noise from applause and shouting is common. The noise can be reduced drastically by mounting "WALL" or RMIG Richfon in these high frequency areas where noise levels are high and with their effective, sound absorbing core and high-impact surface, "WALL" and RM Richfon are well prepared for a tough life also in the world of sport.


RMIG has redesigned the RMIG Richfon partitions and notice boards. The result is "WALL", a series of products that are improved with regards to functionality, dimensions and design.
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RM Richfon

"WALL" and RMIG Richfon are leading products in the noise absorbing sector. RMIG Richfon is a well established and recognized product that has been in the market for many years.
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