RMIG Richfon notice boards

Effective and functional sound absorption.

RMIG Richfon sound absorbing notice boards

RMIG Richfon sound absorbing notice boards

RMIG Richfon is made for durability amongst children and is optimal for absorbing noise in the high frequency band 2000 to 4000 HZ. If the notice boards are hung giving a gap of 50 mm from the wall, the sound absorption qualities are further improved.

Product description

  • Width: 600
  • Height: 900 mm and 1200 mm
  • Thickness: 17 mm and 42 mm
  • RMIG Richfon notice boards can be delivered in any RAL colour according to your request
  • RMIG Richfon is a combination of a special type of noise absorbing core and a perforated surface
  • The perforation used for the panel surface is R5T7.5 (5 mm round holes)
  • It is possible to have a logo or other motif printed on or perforated in the RMIG Richfon notice boards
  • With each RMIG Richfon notice board we deliver 6 magnets, 4 fixing screws and 4 fixing plugs

The RMIG Richfon notice boards are easily mounted and available in a multitude of colours.

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