"WALL" sound absorption notice boards

Improved acoustics and beautiful design.

WALL -  sound absorbing notice boards

"WALL" notice boards

"WALL" notice boards and partitions are effective sound absorbers in a modern, stylish design by Bønnelycke mdd. "WALL" is a further development of RMIG Richfon giving improved  functionality, dimensions and design. "WALL" is one of the best solutions available in the market to absorb noise in the high frequency band 1000 to 4000 HZ, the frequency area commonly experienced in rooms containing many children.

Product description

  • Width: 604 mm
  • Height: 908 mm
  • The series is available in black (RAL 9011), white (RAL 9010), aluminium coating and in a combination of these colours 
  • The "WALL" series is produced in a durable combination of aluminium frames and steel sheets
  • The perforation used for the panel surface is R1.5T2.6 (1.5 mm round holes)
  • It is possible to have a logo or other motif printed on the "WALL" notice boards
  • With each "WALL" notice board we include 2 fixing screws, 2 fixing plugs and 6 magnets

Targeted solutions that keep

"WALL" notice boards are easy to mount exactly where required and with their discrete elegance, washable surface and high fire safety protection are produced to suit today’s modern designs. In "WALL" acoustics and aesthetics are united to an even higher degree where both elements combine to provide the optimal result. 


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