Sound absorbing partitions

"WALL" and RMIG Richfon partitions are not just sound absorbers but also provide effective room dividers.

WALL - sound absorbing partitions

Get heard and improve acoustics

"WALL" and RMIG Richfon partitions can be used to shield small or divide larger areas, and at the same time function as an effective sound absorbers.

The partitions allow individuals to concentrate and avoid disturbances from speech and noise in large open areas. The partitions also offer a flexible and easy function to divide a room in new ways.


RMIG has redesigned the RMIG Richfon partitions and notice boards, resulting in "WALL", a series of partitions and notice boards giving improved functionality, dimensions and design.
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RMIG Richfon

"WALL" and RMIG Richfon are leading products in the noise absorption sector. RMIG Richfon is an established and recognized product, which has been in the market for many years.
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