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Pattern number Pattern descriptionHolePitchOpen areaPhoto
C1.2U1.71.2mm Square holes 1.7mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 1.2x1.2 mmU (rectangular) 1.7x1.7 mm49.83 %
C1.4U1.81.4mm Square holes 1.8mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 1.4x1.4 mmU (rectangular) 1.8x1.8 mm47.48 %
C1.5U2.21.5mm Square holes 2.2mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 1.5x1.5 mmU (rectangular) 2.2x2.2 mm46.48 %
C1.5U2.71.5mm Square holes 2.7mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 1.5x1.5 mmU (rectangular) 2.7x2.7 mm30.86 %
C1.5Z4.4x4.41.5mm Square holes 4.4mm Staggered pitchC (square) 1.5x1.5 mmZ (staggered) 4.4x4.4 mm46.48 %
C1.75Z6.4x6.41.75mm Square holes 6.4mm Staggered pitchC (square) 1.75x1.75 mmZ (staggered) 6.4x6.4 mm
C1.7U3.21.7mm Square holes 3.2mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 1.7x1.7 mmU (rectangular) 3.2 mm28.22 %
C1.7Z3.2x6.41.7mm Square holes 3.2x6.4mm Staggered pitchC (square) 1.7x1.7 mmZ (staggered) 3.2x6.4 mm28.22 %
C10.5U1310.5mm Square holes 13mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 10.5x10.5 mmU (rectangular) 13x13 mm65.23 %
C10.5U59.510.5mm Square holes 59.5mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 10.5x10.5 mmU (rectangular) 59.5x59.5 mm3.11 %
C10.5U7010.5mm Square holes 70mm Rectangular pitchC (square) 10.5x10.5 mmU (rectangular) 70x70 mm2.25 %
C10.5Z13x2610.5mm Square holes 13x26mm Staggered pitchC (square) 10.5x10.5 mmZ (staggered) 13x26 mm65.23 %
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