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RMIG is a global supplier of premium perforated solutions. We offer products that are carefully tooled to your individual needs.

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RMIG Pattern Catalogue

Perforated pattern catalogue

By accessing the RMIG online pattern catalogue you have the possibility to search among many of the perforated patterns and types of expanded metal we can offer.  
RMIG online pattern catalogue

RMIG Automotive

Perforated and formed metal products

RMIG Nold GmbH is a part of RMIG Automotive and is a trusted partner and Tier 2 supplier of loudspeaker & ventilation grills and components for the automotive segment.
RMIG Nold GmbH

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Are you City Emotional?

Building Design

Perforated materials can stimulate exciting urban design, which is what we call City Emotion …

RMIG Automotive

Interior and exterior grills for the Automotive Industry