Standard expanded metal sheets

RMIG Expanded metal

RMIG Expanded metal sheets

Thanks to its lightness and strength, RMIG expanded metal is a very popular material for today's building and industrial design. Uses include walkways, footbridges, footsteps, safety fences, reinforcing of concrete, earthing of electricity and for shielding in modern buildings and constructions.

Non-skid solutions

The three-dimensional shape of the meshes is another example of the many good qualities of RMIG expanded metal. The area where the meshes meet are strong and enable the material to stand a far heavier pointed load than similar products. Some patterns have a type of mesh with special qualities that not only make the surface non-skid, but also give the expanded metal water and wind repellent qualities.

Standard expanded metal sheets

We offer standard sizes of expanded metal sheets from stock. You can consult our online stocklist and delivery time from RMIG UK or RMIG Denmark by selecting the RMIG unit from where the products are to be delivered and invoiced.

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