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Keilaniemi Electrical Substation

Architects: Virkkunen & Co.

An elaborate perforation desigan creates an unusual facadeNew

An intricate perforation pattern forms a distinctive facade for a power station.

MSCP Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Architects: Haptic Architects

Stunning facade made of perforated metal

Triangular perforated sheets give a facade a contemporary feel.

Väla Gård

Architects: Tengbom Arkitekter

Picture perforation contributes to a rural environment

Perforated sheets with a tree motif create eye-catching facades for a renovated farm building.

SCA complex, Göteborg

Architects: Rstudio for Architecture AB

Sun screens made of perforated metal

Sun screens made with perforated metal panels help create a good working environment.

Indoor swimming pool, Hundvåg

Artists: Marius Dahl & Jan Christensen

Perforated sheets used for decoration and sound absorption

Perforated metal panels and cassettes create a stunning blue-green wave.

Sports Hall, Ringsted Campus

Architects: Christensen & Co. Arkitekter A/S

Expanded metal creates a functional facade

Expanded metal brings form and functionality to sports hall.

Enhancement Project, Lillebælt

Architects: COWI A/S

Perforated aluminium sheets help transformer stations fit beautifully into their surroundings

A light and expressive facade made from 3,500 m2 of RMIG perforated aluminium panels.

Bang & Olufsen store

Architects: arkitec as

Picture perforation creates an unusual and fascinating pattern resembling entangled snakes….

Specially designed perforation in TECU® Gold panels results in a captivating and unusual facade.

Kolding Campus, SDU

Architects: Henning Larsen Architects

Picture perforation from RMIG helps create a living building

Over 1,000 perforated triangular screens create an environmentally friendly and inspirational facade.

Archives de Reims

Architects: Hamonic + Masson & Associés

Stylish perforated and embossed panels create a visual impact

A cube clad with perforated and embossed panels gives modern surroundings to historical documents.

Lyngdal Secondary School

Architects: Asplan Viak
Artist: Anne-Gry Løland

RMIG ImagePerf used for picture perforation for facade

An unusual and striking facade for a new school building.

North Star School

Architects: ARKINORD A/S, Arkitema Architects Picture perforation:

Picture perforation with images from around the globe

Perforated sheets create impressive global scenes for the facade of this school building.


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