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L’École Internationale Edward Steichen

Architects: Jonas Architectes Associés

Perforated sheets designed to depict a spring forest

Picture perforation makes this high school blend in perfectly with the surrounding woodland.

Wembley Pink Coach and Car Park

Architects: Potter Church & Holmes Architects

Perforated sheets for the facade of an innovative car park

A perforated facade for an award-winning car park.

Carlsberg Group Headquarters

Architects: C.F. Møller Architects

Perforated sheets designed to depict the bubbles in a drink

A “bubbly” facade is part of a major development project.

Strinda High School

Architects: Link Arkitekter, Trondheim
Artist: Anne-Karin Furunes

Picture perforation used for facade

A perforated facade with an artistic impression.

Confederation of Danish Industry

Architects: Transform ApS

Perforated sheets help noise reduction

Perforated sheets used for decoration and sound absorption.

SUN-AIR Aviation Headquarters

Architects: AART architects

An effective and attractive facade made from perforated sheets

A facade with an eye-catching cloud and sky motif made from perforated sheets.

Arctia Shipping Ltd. Headquarters

Architects: K2s Architects Ltd

Perforated sheets designed to reflect a maritime theme

An unusual office building with a facade made from perforated sheets.

Metropol – University College Copenhagen

Architects: KANT arkitekter

Eye-catching facade manufactured from perforated corten sheets

Perforated corten sheets used for a raw and contemporary facade.

Kvernevik Swimming Pool

Artists: Jan Christensen and Marius Dahl

Perforated sheets used for decoration and sound absorption

Perforated sheets used for expressive wall decorations.

Østjysk Våbenhandel

Architects: Ginneruparkitekter

Perforated aluminium sheets used for special facade

The use of picture perforation results an extraordinary facade.

Lakeland Distribution Centre

Architects: Hanson Marston Mellor

Perforated sheets for balustrades

Perforated sheets for functional and attractive balustrades

MSCP Lincoln Hub

Architects: John Roberts Architects

Perforated sheets and expanded metal used for multi-storey car park

An award-winning building with a facade made from perforated and expanded metal sheets.


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