RMIG Data Privacy Policy

Privacy and data security

RMIG respects your privacy and right to secrecy, and data security is a major priority for us. This privacy policy contains our guidelines concerning the collection, processing and storage of personal data. You can read about how we keep data secure and about your rights as a data subject to request access to the personal data we store about you and to have it rectified or erased.

1. Data collection
2. Data storage
3. Data protection
4. Your rights

1) Data collection

When you visit our website, we collect a variety of data about you and how you use the website. We use this data for statistical purposes so that we can examine information about the number of visitors to our website, the most viewed pages, where the visitors come from, etc. If you would like us to refrain from collecting this type of data about your use of the website, you must disable analysis cookies.

Our use of cookies
Cookies are small text-based files that the website stores on your computer, tablet or mobile device which allow the website to recognise your device and remember your settings. Cookies also register your preferences, allowing the website to show you relevant content and thus ensure you get a better user experience. Finally, cookies also generate statistical data. 

You can read more about cookies on websites such as www.allaboutcookies.org or www.youronlinechoices.eu.

Use of personal data
Personal data is data that can be traced to an individual. When you use our website, we collect and process various types of personal data which typically includes the following: A unique ID, technical data about your PC, tablet or phone, your IP address, geographic location (country and locality) and the pages you visit. Note: We only collect this data while you are browsing our website.

Online analytical tools
We regularly optimise our website to give you and your colleagues the best possible user experience, which is why we use Google Analytics to perform analyses on anonymised user data.

Our continuous improvement of the website - which is based on statistics on how people use it - is very important to us, and we value the fact that we are able to do so. If you would prefer that your use of the website should not be included in the statistics we use for our analyses, you can disable analysis cookies.

Other sources of data
In addition to data on how people use our website, we collect personal data from other sources such as our customer relationship, subscriptions, newsletters and job applications sent to RMIG. All our collection, processing and storage of these types of personal data is compliant with existing legislation and regulations in the markets in which we operate.

2) Data storage

Data from the website
If you write to us and submit data through contact forms on the RMIG website, we store that data for as long as we need to be able to reference former agreements and comments, thereby ensuring continuity in our business conduct.

If you register as an active user on our website through newsletters, you are able to view, correct, amend or delete your data at any time, which is why we have not set a limit on how long we store that type of data.

The website administrators are always able to view and edit the information you have entered in your user profile.

Finally, analytical data is archived for as long as it remains relevant to ensure that we can examine and track user activity online and continuously improve our efforts in this regard with a view to providing the best possible customer service.

Data from job applications
Rejected applications for vacant positions are deleted once the recruitment process has ended, unless the rejected applicants give express consent to allowing us to keep their CV in our database. In such cases, we only store their data for a period not exceeding 6 months.

We store unsolicited applications for a period not exceeding 6 months, after which we delete them.

3) Data protection

We value your data as much as we value our own, which is why we protect all data through several security measures that we always keep up-to-date. We are very conscious of the risk of data being misused as well as the importance of protecting your right to privacy and your personal data. We monitor closely the data we store to prevent security breaches and the misuse of data.

Highest possible level of data security
We have implemented technical and organisational security measures to ensure your personal data is not accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, made public, lost, degraded or disclosed to unauthorised bodies, misused or otherwise processed in breach of personal data legislation.

We use security systems which alert us in the event of a data security breach. In the event of a data security breach, we will be notified as soon as possible so that specialists can handle the situation.

We receive regular updates via our security systems concerning attacks on our data security that have been prevented as well as alerts if the frequency of attacks increases, which ensures that we are always informed about possible attacks on our own data as well as the user data we store.

Precautionary measures in the event of a data breach
In the event of a data breach, all affected users and customers will be informed as soon as possible about what data may have been lost as well as what measures we advise they should take. Our top priority is to close the security hole in order to minimise the loss of data, inform our customers and finally, take steps to ensure it does not happen again.

4) Your rights

You have the right to access the personal data we store about you. You can request to have the personal data we store about you exported and sent to you in a file. You also have the right to request that we erase all the personal data we store about you. Please note that we may be obligated to store certain types of data for administrative, legal or security reasons which restrict us from immediately erasing that data.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to access the personal data we store about you, you can contact our data protection officer at DPO@RMIG.com.  

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Kim Borch-Kristensen, DPO@RMIG.com.  

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