Audi Terminal facade

19th May 2010

Perforated sheets used for facade for Audi Terminal

Decorative architectural cladding system

RMIG has supplied perforated and anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges for the facade of the new Audi Terminal in Bitterfeld, Germany.
Audi's global reputation for engineering excellence and technological innovation has been carried through to the design of the new dealership Terminal concept which uses unique perforated decorative cladding.

The architecture of the Terminal in Bitterfeld is captivating by the clear structure of the metallic facade. The building gives an impression of brightness and lightness internally as well as externally. It is successfully designed to unite car maker traditions with high-tech cars and technical facade decoration. Experts confirm that there has hardly ever been a project concept transformed as perfectly and as impressively as this Audi Terminal.

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