RMIG Bridge Slot perforation

Bridge slot perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provides great resistance for filtering and ventilation.

RMIG Bridge Slot perforation

Applications for bridge slot sheets

Bridge slot perforation is often used for water drainage shafts and drying. Bridge slot perforation is typically used for:

  • Drying and storing solid matters and materials of all kinds
    • including herbs, tea, grain and grass seed, maize, rape and wood chips
  • Filters for fountains and drainage

The open area of bridge slot perforation is variable and depends on the depth of embossing. An embossed depth of 1.5 mm (suitable for rape seed) provides an open area of 3.7 % for ventilation. Another example are sheets with an embossed depth of 3.0 mm giving an open area of 9.1%.

Ideally seed and grain need to be stored in an area with a moisture content of less than 14.5%.
If the storage area is too moist, fungus infestation and self-heating can follow. RMIG Bridge slot sheets offer you a drying solution with appropriate optimised ventilation.
With their open area RMIG Bridge slot sheets allow permanent free flowing ventilation.

Our service for you

  • Guidance for the optimal storage and drying solution
  • Additional ventilation sheets or replacement of existing damaged ventilation sheets
  • Production of different material thicknesses
  • Additional fixing holes and bending as required
  • Short delivery times

If you want to secure first choice solutions for ventilation you will always find the right partner for service, ideas and quality in RMIG. We are your experienced partner for industry and agriculture.

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