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Make your next project stand out with decorative patterns for quick delivery from RMIG Express.
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It is easy to add extra individuality and a creative dimension to your projects. With our decorative patterns, RMIG Express combines a wide choice and fast delivery with uncompromising customer service, thereby providing solutions for a broad range of applications.

Below, you can see a selection of just some of the decorative patterns we produce and imagine how they can add value to your projects.

If you want to know more about your options or have a closer look at more of the patterns available, you can contact our sales team.


A bubbly, fresh and modern looking pattern to use, for instance, as decorative screens in offices, private homes or public areas.


A classically executed pattern with an exotic design. It can be used widely to provide a beautiful, ornamental effect.


A tightly executed pattern that provides maximum coverage in relation to the perforated holes. A very distinctive choice.


Ideal if you need a strong solution in perforated metal for your application, but also want to give the visual expression a softer look.


If you want a strong grid as well as a generous air flow for your next project, honeycomb is the pattern to choose.


A modern pattern with character. A good choice for contemporary interior solutions or screens.


The name is self-explanatory. A beautiful, aesthetic choice, ideal for radiator concealers and similar visible applications.


A playful solution that can trick your senses. A fun pattern to engage passers-by and make your application noticeable.

Lily 15

The French lily is a classic design that never goes out of fashion. It exudes quality and a sure sense of style, regardless of use.

Lily 28

If your solution requires a greater air flow, then the lily pattern with larger perforation is a great choice.

Rhomb aligned

Symmetrical and beautiful, with rhombuses arranged in straight rows. It gives an almost three-dimensional effect when mounted.

Rhomb staggered

A fine and varied flow of geometric shapes. The discreet choice for interior solutions with a broad appeal.

Soap bubble

Covers, grids and similar perforated metal applications can easily be designed with a sense of humour. This soap bubble pattern proves it.


Use it just for the decorative effect or to give the interior a touch of sea, nature, waves and change of weather.

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