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Perforation in brass


Copper and its alloys have been used for thousands of years. Good thermal conductivity makes it useful for example for heat sinks and heat exchangers. Copper is a very malleable and corrosion resistant material. It has excellent brazing properties and can also be welded. Copper does not react with water, but it slowly reacts with atmospheric oxygen, forming a layer of green oxide (Verdigris). It is also used as a decorative building material.


Brass is a word used to describe the wide range of copper-zinc alloys that have a combination of properties including strength, ductility, hardness, conductivity and wear and corrosion resistance. These properties ensure that brasses can be easily punched, fabricated and formed.


As in all other industrial sectors plastic has been introduced as a material for perforated products. The many qualities of plastic make its areas of application almost unlimited! It is characterized, for example, by light weight, possible distortion, possibility of transparency and also an ability to be bonded or coated.

Other materials

It is also possible to perforate other materials. Our technicians are at your disposal for further information and consultation. Please contact us.

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