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Please find below brochures and case studies showing applications of perforation in buildings.
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Buildings and Interiors
(1.2 MB)

Via RMIG City Emotion we offer products for buildings and interiors. This brochure describes the solutions available.

Perforated, functional and decorative sun screens

The value of using perforated and expanded metal for sun shields and sun screens on buildings is described in this brochure.

L’École Internationale Edward Steichen (2 MB)

A striking photo of a forest has been reproduced using picture perforation, creating a facade that blends in with the landscape.

Hundvåg indoor swimming pool (2 MB)

Perforated metal panels have been used to decorate the walls and improve acoustics at Hundvåg swimming facility in Norway.

Enhancement Project, Lillebælt (2 MB)

A light and expressive facade made with perforated sheets from RMIG helps enhance the countryside and improve the environment.

MSCP Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (2 MB)

More than 1,000 high quality perforated aluminium sheets from RMIG have turned a car park into an architectural asset.

Bang & Olufsen (2 MB)

Specially designed perforated TECU® Gold panels bring the facade of B&O’s flagship store to life.

Kolding Campus, SDU (2 MB)

Inspirational and functional sun screens for the Kolding Campus have been made from precision perforated panels from RMIG.

Archives De Reims (2 MB)

Perforated and embossed panels create a significant visual impact for the facade of the Archives de Reims in France.

Learnmark (2 MB)

Decorative and versatile sun screens manufactured from expanded metal from RMIG are the perfect solution for this educational facility.

Rinkeby Academy (0.8 MB)

Case study of Rinkeby Academy, Sweden. RMIG supplied 77 individual panels to create a stunning lime green facade.

North Star School (2 MB)

An unusual star-shaped building has been given a unique facade with images from around the globe created with RMIG ImagePerf.

Skansevejen's School, Denmark (4.4 MB)

Case study of music facility, Denmark. RMIG supplied illustrative perforated sheets which formed photographic images for the facade.

Lyngdal Secondary School
(2 MB)

An intricate perforation design using RMIG ImagePerf creates a striking facade for an innovative school building.

Le Ruban Bleu (0.5 MB)

Case study of Le Ruban Bleu Centre, France. RMIG supplied 1300 m² of perforated cladding and ceiling panels.

Oslo Opera House (1 MB)

Case study with reference to Oslo Opera House, Norway. RMIG supplied 9000 m² of embossed and indented aluminium cladding.

Georgswerder Energy Hill

More than 1,000 perforated sheets from RMIG were used to help turn a toxic waste dump into an iconic landmark.

Audi Terminal, Bitterfeld
(0.4 MB)

Case study with reference to Audi Terminal, Bitterfeld, Germany. RMIG supplied the aluminium sheets for the facade.

Maison du Portugal (2 MB)

Case study of Maison du Portugal college at Paris International University. RMIG supplied 700 m² of perforated cladding.

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